Mursion’s Purpose

Human-mediated simulation is a powerful, psychologically safe way for all types of professionals to practice what it takes to be their best selves when having challenging conversations with their customers and coworkers. Mursion relies on a talented, trained, certified, and diverse team of Simulation Specialists from around the globe—many of them are professional actors—to deliver its simulations.

Our objective is to authentically represent how a difficult workplace conversation might unfold so learners can practice the skills that will make them effective when an actual conversation occurs. Early evidence from client testimonials and independent research studies is compelling—learners who practice challenging conversations repeatedly in Mursion get better at managing them at work.

Our Model

Mursion’s simulation delivery model involves a single live Simulation Specialist who provides the spoken dialogue for up to five virtual avatars at one time. This blending of artificial intelligence and human performance enables learners to dynamically engage with multiple avatars at one time. To do this, the Simulation Specialist must cross multiple boundaries of identity. A young, white, female-identifying Simulation Specialist leading a simulation with four avatars could be playing a middle-aged Hispanic woman, a white man, a young Black man, and an elderly Asian woman, all at once. The Simulation Specialist’s job is to present conversational challenges (through the spoken dialogue of the avatars) for the learner to manage. Just as one person does not represent the entirety of any particular culture, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, Mursion avatars are designed as ‘individuals’. Each avatar represents the unique back story and behavioral profile of a fictional character who could hypothetically exist at work.

Mursion avatars are then used in simulation scenarios designed by a Scenario Design team -- each scenario is anchored in defined objectives and skills from which we craft scenario content. As part of Mursion’s current design process, extensive scenario materials are developed to train our Simulation Specialists and to create a consistent opportunity for every learner to practice. Training materials include detailed avatar perspectives, a step-by-step schedule of events, and sample responses for learner interactions.

For the development of our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion scenario bundle we engaged the expertise of two national panels of subject matter experts, including DE&I specialists from Fortune 500 companies, academic scholars, and DE&I training training organizations, and two internal panels of Simulation Specialists.

Simulation Specialists are trained and certified in all scenarios they deliver. Simulation scenarios that entail sensitive or complex content may require additional subject matter training. Beyond required training and certification, Simulation Specialists have access to support prior to, during, and after the delivery of a simulation. Mursion is committed to providing a supportive and safe work environment for our Simulation Specialist team. Central to this is our commitment to Simulation Specialist choice: Simulation Specialists must have the freedom to train and certify on any simulation scenario, and no Simulation Specialist should be required to deliver any simulation scenario that makes them uncomfortable or for which they feel they are unprepared.
The work of delivering simulations can be difficult, particularly for our colleagues who have identities that have been consistently marginalized. To reduce that burden we employ professionals across a number of lines of difference, including those who represent the dominant culture. Simply stated, this means that our simulation specialists may be charged with representing a myriad of identities, none of them may be their own. As our Simulation Specialists have told us, sharing the weight of this work helps protect the emotional well-being of our Simulation Specialists who are not in the dominant strata of the population.

Our Commitment

Our purpose at Mursion is education, not entertainment. This work is complex, nuanced, and challenging -- we understand this and believe it is worth pursuing in order to facilitate progress, increase civility, and promote the positive change we all hope to see in the world. We welcome and seek feedback from our clients, learners, subject matter experts, and our dedicated staff. This feedback allows us to continue to grow and evolve in pursuit of our mission to improve human interaction.