Mursion’s Purpose

Human-mediated simulation is a powerful, scalable, psychologically safe way for all types of professionals to practice what it takes to be their best selves when having challenging conversations with their customers and coworkers. Mursion relies on a talented, trained, certified, and diverse team of Simulation Specialists from around the globe—many of them are professional actors—to deliver its simulations.

Our objective is to represent how a difficult workplace conversation might unfold so learners can practice the skills that will make them effective when an actual conversation occurs. Early evidence from client testimonials and independent research studies is compelling—learners who practice challenging conversations repeatedly in Mursion get better at managing them at work.

Scenario and Avatar Design

Mursion Simulation scenarios are meticulously designed by a trained Scenario Design team. Each scenario is anchored in defined objectives and skills from which we craft scenario content. Our process relies heavily on individuals with lived, learned, or educated experience, including both internal team members and external subject-matter experts.

Mursion scenarios feature one or more Mursion avatars. Each avatar represents a unique fictional character’s perspective on a challenging workplace conversation. Mursion avatars do not represent any particular culture, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Each avatar represents the unique back story and behavioral profile of a fictional character who hypothetically could exist at work. These character perspectives are intentionally crafted using subject matter experts and client input.

Mursion technology enables a Simulation Specialist to “inhabit” up to five characters at a time, making our simulation scenarios highly plausible to the learner. Multi-character conversations are important for learner development since some of the most challenging workplace interactions take place in public work settings when a learner has to address a coworker in the presence of their professional peers. By definition, this approach requires a Simulation Specialist to play a character whose gender, age, ethnicity, or race is distinct from theirs.

Allowing all Simulation Specialists, regardless of identity and intersectionality, to deliver any scenario they are trained for and feel confident about allows for empathy, allyship, and advocacy through action. The work of being an ally entails risk. It can cost someone their comfort or social standing and, in some circumstances, even their safety. Real advocacy and comfort rarely go hand in hand. It is important to remember that Mursion is about learning; it is not entertainment. We understand that our approach requires us to take risks. We think these risks are worth taking in order to facilitate progress, increase civility, and promote the positive change we all hope to see in the world.

Simulation Specialist Training and Support

Simulation Specialists are trained and certified in all scenarios they deliver. Simulation scenarios that entail sensitive or complex content may require additional subject matter training. Beyond required training and certification, Simulation Specialists have access to expert support prior to, during, and after the delivery of a simulation. Mursion’s approach to training and support is anchored in the following core tenets:
  • Simulation Specialist Choice: The ability for Simulation Specialists to select which scenarios they deliver and how often they deliver them protects our diverse community of Simulation Specialists who live in a world where their identity and lived experiences can make some of the scenarios Mursion delivers real and triggering.
  • Simulation Specialist Protection: Having members of a dominant culture play avatars of marginalized identities reduces the burnout and trauma that can occur when diverse Simulation Specialists only play diverse avatars all day long in scenarios they have lived, will live, and are probably currently living.
  • Sharing the Burden and Broadening Perspectives: Sharing the burden helps protect the emotional well-being of our Simulation Specialists who are not in the dominant strata of the population and allows all our Simulation Specialists the opportunity to learn and grow by briefly but meaningfully seeing other perspectives.
Mursion is committed to the health and safety of our staff and to creating an environment in which talented and committed Simulation Specialists can thrive and grow as individuals and in their careers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Simulation Delivery

Mursion delivers a wide variety of simulation content to address the unique and varied situations where challenging workplace conversations arise—from factories to hospital emergency rooms. Some Mursion simulations address sensitive, complex, and nuanced content, including conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). While Mursion has an extensive and diverse community of Simulation Specialists, we do not restrict the delivery of our DE&I simulations to staff that represent the identities addressed in DE&I scenarios. All Mursion Simulation Specialists are invited to deliver our DE&I simulations once they are fully trained and certified to do so. This includes the notably complex and sensitive staffing of white Simulation Specialists in simulations that center a Black, Indigenous or Person of Color (BIPOC) avatar and/or address issues of racial microaggression.

While we recognize the complexity of our approach, we promote this policy in the spirit of allyship and to protect the psychological safety of our Simulation Specialists who experience the same cultural biases, microaggressions, and discrimination that too many Americans in our society suffer today. To ask these same staff members to exclusively shoulder the weight of learners’ inadvertent microaggressions (and occasional incidents of outright bias) would jeopardize the psychological safety of Mursion’s BIPOC Simulation Specialists.

To mitigate this risk, Mursion's white Simulation Specialists, with training and support from outside experts and Mursion staff, also deliver DE&I scenarios. When they do so, they take on the task with humility and the candid acknowledgment that they can never fully represent the lived experiences of their BIPOC colleagues. Our organization is grateful to them for taking on this responsibility. We are proud of our BIPOC staff for supporting their white colleagues who agree to cast as characters whose lived experience is other than their own, and we appreciate our customers who understand and respect why we ensure the safety of our staff this way.

This work is complex, nuanced, and challenging -- we acknowledge this and are in equal parts humbled and committed. We welcome and seek feedback from our clients, learners, subject matter experts, and our dedicated staff. This feedback allows us to continue to grow and evolve in pursuit of our mission to improve human interaction.